Suit Skirt

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How it works


What do suit skirts do:

The satin material of our suit skirts helps provide a smoother surface for race suits to slide over when getting changed. With less friction, it is easier to quickly change from training togs into a race suit both in training and in competition, saving both time and your forearms.


How to use:

  1. Suit skirts are easy to use, though may require some practice to fully get the hang of.
  2. Make sure you are dry after warm up
  3. Velcro the skirt around your waist, with the velcro at the front
  4. Put your race suit on as normal, tucking the skirt in to the suit as you go
  5. Continue to put the suit on over the top of the skirt until you have the bottom half completely up over your hips
  6. Before pulling the top half of your suit up, reach into the suit and undo the velcro
  7. Pull the skirt out from under the suit, and continue putting the rest of your suit on like normal