• Eco Pullbuoy Nordic Teal/ Atomic Lime/ Olive

Eco Pullbuoy Nordic Teal/ Atomic Lime/ Olive

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Our training aids are designed to help you get the most from your swim workout. Each training aid works a particular part of your body, so you can focus on increasing strength, stamina or tone where it suits you.

Work harder and dial in your arm technique with our Elite Pullbuoy.

Designed to isolate the upper body, the pullbuoy adds buoyancy between your legs so you can refine your arm pull and improve your stroke technique. Without your legs to power you, your arm and shoulders take the load, improving upper body strength and endurance as you swim.

Use it to improve your body positioning for better speed and efficiency



  • Designed to balance the lower body while concentrating on stroke technique.
  • The Pullbuoy lifts hips which enables you to swim more comfortably, longer.
  • Place high between legs and gently hold together.
  • For an advanced workout, place between ankles and maintain body alignment.
  • Use with any stroke to improve shoulder and arm strength.
  • Made from Algae based EVA foam
  • 50 bottles of clean water and 31 M³ of clean air have been returned to the environment in the making of this product.



  • Algae based EVA