Over 85 years of Swimwear Development taken on by the Aqualab, has led to Speedo's most advanced race wear yet. The Fastskin range includes Suit, Cap and Goggles which create the ultimate Racing System. 


More than 55,000 hours went into research and testing for the development of the Fastskin Racing System. Suit, Cap and Goggles with the ability to minimise drag, maximise efficiency and inspire confidence, helping swimmers at all levels to achieve their fastest result yet.

LZR Racer Elite 2: Improved LZR Pulse+ fabric creates a 40% longer lasting water repellency alongside fully bonded seams, which allows a 6% reduction in drag. New and improved 'Comfort Straps' have been designed wider, and softer to not dig into shoulders or move around when swimming, leaving the swimmer both comfortable and confident.

Fastskin Elite Goggles: With a hydroscopic lens for a 180 degree peripheral vision, you won't let the competition out of your sight. Fit point markers and IQfit technology allow a precise fit on all faces. Fastskin goggles treat all who wear them with a 1.9% reduction in full body drag.

Fastskin Cap: The worlds first Cap to use IQfit technology, through global head scanning data, Speedo was able to create the perfect fit alongside the perfect performance. Markers ensure swimmers have the perfect cap and goggle alignment. Your Fastskin Cap boasts a 3.4% reduction in drag, meaning it's Speedo's most efficient cap yet!


The Speedo Aqualab exclusively builds and develops all Fastskin products. They work closely with global hydrodynamic experts, elite swimmers and coaches. Allowing the Aqualab to take on extensive testing, including 3D athlete scans, computational simulations and drag tests in order to create the world known Fastskin technologies. Inspiring a faster, more efficient and confident performance in the pool.

IQfit: Using 3D head scans the Aqualab was able to successfully create the IQfit technology. Taking the contours of the face, they managed to create precision-fit products which successfully reduce drag, leakage and movement.

LZR2: With the Pulse+ Fabric of the LZR2, Speedo provides all athletes, including the World Stars with all-over compression. The lightweight 4-way stretch fabric feels like a second-skin, keeping our swimmers comfortable and ahead of the pack in the pool.