Girls Placement Muscleback Navy/Blue/Spritz

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Feel confident and streamlined wearing our sporty navy Muscleback, featuring a dynamic ‘cresting wave’ side panel print.

A favourite amongst young swimmers, the muscleback style features thick straps that free up the shoulder blades to allow a full range of motion in lessons and training.

Offering higher chlorine resistance than standard swimwear fabrics, it provides excellent shape retention and fits like new for longer with CREORA® HighClo. If you’re looking for great eco-credentials, it’s got those, too: our exclusive ECO EnduraFlex fabric is made from 100% recycled pre-consumer waste, such as recycled fabric waste from factories.



  • Muscleback - great for longer swim sessions with the design allowing full range of motion

  • Higher chlorine resistance than standard swimwear fabrics - fits like new for longer with CREORA® HighClo™

  • Shape Retention - fabric stretches so you can enjoy your swim without feeling restricted

  • Made from recycled waste fabric – yarns in the fabric are made from 100% pre-consumer waste, such as waste fabric from factories

  • Chlorine Rating 4